Everbody loves screenshots. Alas, it's not that easy with a command line tool, but that's what the help text looks like:

  [user@host]# lpr -h
  lpr bash-skript-replacement Version 0.9
  /usr/bin/lpr [Options] <file> or cat <file> | lpr
   -P <destination printer; list gives a list>
   -# <number of copies>
   -C <jobname> (unused)
   -J and -T are synonym for -C
   -k - keep temporary files in /var/spool/lpr-bash
   -l -oraw - specifies raw output format
   -o <job options> (unused)
   -r - removes file after printing
   -p - preview mode
   -d <debug level [0|1]>
   -t - prints test page
   -h - display this helptext
   -v - Print version and exit

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